Hydra Cylinder has been manufacturing and servicing hydraulic cylinders for more than 40 years. They started by manufacturing cylinders exclusively for the waste industry as the OEM supplier to Universal Handling Equipment. The knowledge, skill and engineering expertise that was developed as a supplier to customers in this very rigourous environment was later expanded to customers in various commercial, construction and industrial fields.

Today, Hydra Cylinder manufactures thousands of hydraulic cylinders a year for OEM customers making hydraulic lifts, compactors, custom applications, and a broad range of mobile applications. Hydra Cylinder’s extensive engineering experience allows them to design and manufacture rod cylinders and telescopic cylinders for any application.

Just as importantly, Hydra Cylinder has the skill and expertise to service and repair any make, model, or type of hydraulic cylinder. They inventory a large range of parts and seals and can quickly assess and repair the cylinder to get it back into service. In the event that a component needs replacing, their in house engineering and CNC machining capabilities allow them to quickly design and manufacture a replacement.

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